Do you believe our ancestors ate breakfast? Even if they did, it would have been later in the day (as most of them would first go, hunt and then eat in groups). More like brunch? Or even lunch for that matter! This makes us wonder, is breakfast actually the most important meal of the day? Or is it just your parents and the cereal companies collaborating to make you finish that bowl of cereal, every morning.

Food for thought. When you’re on a weight loss mission, won’t skipping an entire meal really help? Or would having that ‘mandatory’ breakfast be useful in igniting the metabolism and help burn some extra calories? What does science have to say? Tbh, it’s more complicated than a yes or a no.


Do The Fasting Thing:

We’re sure you have read up on our Guide to Intermittent Fasting. I.F. is the way to go if you believe in fasting for losing weight. While on I.F., you follow a 16-8 protocol where you eat only during the 8-hour window and fast for 16 hours of the day. Crazy? Not really. This method has been gaining a lot of attention recently, owing to its excellent fat burning ability, the power to activate autophagy and its positive effect on life expectancy.

But I Want My BFF

Now, our friends from the research-based backgrounds have observed that people who eat breakfast tend to be leaner and healthier. But wait, before you reach a conclusion, the health attributes of breakfast eaters could be simply due to their healthier lifestyles. In a large and a controlled trial, skipping breakfast did indeed reduce the number of calorie intake, but could not be credited with the sole reason for weight loss. However, the ones who missed on breakfast seemed to be less physically active. More on this study here.

Not skipping breakfast could really be helpful for weight loss. (Never believed we’d say this) But (yes, there’s always a but) that’s because it increases sensitivity to the hormone insulin, keeping higher blood pressure, higher cholesterol, and greater hunger away. On the other hand, fasting seems to be really helpful in acting as a catalyst in essential weight loss processes in the body. So, in short, we’re back to square one.

Solution? It’s All About the Timing

It’s highly unclear that consuming or skipping breakfast can be the sole difference-making factor in weight loss. It largely depends from person to person, on your lifestyle, and on your previous eating schedules. If you have been religiously having your breakfast all these years, then giving it a miss is not a good idea. What you can definitely do is make sure you shorten the window of eating. And if you choose to fast intermittently, schedule your calorie intake during the wee hours of the day. It’ll help you stay physically active and thus burn calories. With best of both worlds, you’d be able to enjoy the benefits of fasting as well as eat in a way that is metabolically advantageous to you.

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