Mocktail or non-alcoholic drinks are so pretty plain and boring. People keep throwing this to us and our response is, ‘Spice it up a notch’. Mocktails can be as exciting as cocktails and can definitely convert you to a fan. All you need is some fresh juice/fruits and ta-da! Got a celebration night coming up? Let’s get some non-alcoholic and healthier drinks stirring and swigging!

1. Frozen Melon Cocktail

Melons are light yet refreshing. Watermelon’s sublime tanginess with a splash of mint could keep you refreshed and your taste buds happy, for long long time. All you need is a unique base to kick-start the melo- . Get set red!

Ingredients for Frozen Melon Cocktail-

3 cups of watermelon pieces, cut in cubes
3 bottles of Love or unsweetened watermelon and pomegranate base
1 bunch mint leaves

How to Prepare Frozen Melon Cocktail-

Start with cutting the watermelon into small cubes and removing all the seeds. Place them in a tray/cup and let it freeze overnight. Once they’re frozen, add them in the blender with some Love smoothie base. Blend it well, for the concoction to be smooth in consistency. Ta-da! Decorate it with mint leaves and more frozen cubes.


2. Lavender Lagoon Mocktail

The lemon lavender mocktails are perfect to go to, especially with your #girlgang. Your drink is going to look as dressed up as you!

Ingredients for Lavender Lagoon Mocktail-

2 cups lemon juice/lemonade
½ litre coconut water
2 cups unsweetened lavender syrup

How to Prepare Lavender Lagoon Mocktail-

Add lemon juice and coconut water in a jug/pitcher and shake it well for the mixture to blend. Pour two to three tablespoon of the natural, unsweetened lavender syrup and stir. Feel free to add more flavour, as per preference. In case you are out of lavender, you can even replace it with any other unsweetened syrup/juice, as per your personal taste. Garnish with a slice of lemon or petals.

3. Pom-Bomb Mojito

Mojitos are one of the most preferred, owing to the tart lime flavour. Lending its sweetness to this recipe are tasty Pome arils. A perfect blend of fusion, this delicious mojito will definitely get you hooked!

Ingredients for Pom Bombs Mojito-

½ cup pomegranate seeds
1 bunch Mint leaves
¼ cup lime juice
4-5 lime slices
½ litre unsweetened lemonade
1 litre unsweetened pomegranate juice

How to Prepare Pom Bombs Mojito –

Tear some mint in a jug and add lime juice. You can also put in quarters of lime and then crush the two well, for the flavours to blend. Add unsweetened Pomegranate juice  to the mixture as a base. You may also add lemonade, as per taste. Pour it into a glass, garnish it with lime slices, pomegranate seeds, and mint.

Pro Tip: Put some pomegranate seeds with water in ice cube tray and let it freeze overnight. Add the pom ice-cubes while serving to make it look bomb!

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