We have all tasted lemon juice more than once in our lives. Just thinking about its tart, tangy, sour flavour makes our mouth salivate. This simple citric fruit is used by millions of people globally everyday for various purposes. Be it cooking stews and salads or baking some delicious tarts with lemon curd to cocktails, skin treatments, ailments  or just simple infused lemon water, this humble fruit is used in more ways than we can think.

Think of a hot sunny day & all you crave is a glass of some cold lemonade. Our very own ‘nimbu ka paani’ is a simplified (and might we say tastier) Virgin Mojito, which we have all grown up relishing.

Being a citric fruit, we know that lemon juice is a good source of Vitamin C. But do you ever wonder about the multiple other benefits that lemon juice offers?

Read on below to find out more!

Some of the Surprising Health Benefits of Lemon Juice:-

  • Helps boost Immunity:- Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C & antioxidants which help boost our immune system.
  • Improves Digestion:- Consuming Lemon juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning helps improve gut health by enhancing the assimilation of food. One can kick start their morning by drinking fresh lemon juice with warm water.
  • Glowing Skin:- The antioxidants present in lemon juice may help counter premature aging & reduce skin damage. The astringent nature of lemon juice due to its high pH levels can help reduce inflammation & oil on the skin.
  •  Detox & weight Loss:- The vitamin C & antioxidants present in lemon juice improve our digestive health which in turn aids in weight management. Lemon juice also serves as a detoxifying agent due to its diuretic properties.
  • Helps Improve Heart Function:- Studies say that consuming ingredients containing Vitamin C can help maintain our blood pressure levels & reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Reduces inflammation:– Lemon juice contains antioxidants which are powerful anti-inflammatory agents. These may help reduce inflammation, repair damaged tissues & even reduce swellings.

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