Apart from orange is the new black, the darkest colour of all has seen some exceptional fame in recent times. The credit goes to no one, but the newest entrant in the list of magical ingredients – Activated Charcoal! Being the most beautiful shade of black that it is, this ingredient holds the ability to actually beat snow-white, in a beauty contest. Not only beauty, activated charcoal can also replicate the same result in various contests that you put them to. Wondering how is that even possible?

5 Benefits of Activated Charcoal You Should Know About

1. Black, Whiter Than White

Want to get the brightest of the teeth? Where most of the guys would suggest you to opt for a bleach or brush with baking soda, we beg to differ. Ditch the chemicals and opt for the all black and all natural, the activated charcoal. Sprinkle some of it on your toothbrush for it to absorb the plaque and microscopic tidbits that stain teeth, to give you the perfect white teeth that compliments your impeccable smile. Say Cheese Charcoal!

2. Hangover, No More!

No one really likes working mornings that start with the thought, “I am never drinking again”. By the time it is evening, we just cannot refuse to chill and have some good time. If you’re someone who does not want to compromise on the unwind, here’s your new drinking buddy– activated charcoal. Studies show that this miraculous ingredient can not only treat alcohol poisoning and hangover, but also can significantly reduce blood alcohol concentrations when taken at the same time as alcohol! Combine activated charcoal with lemonade, and you’ve discovered the ultimate concoction to cure hangovers. So, what are you toasting to, tonight?

3. Younger, For Longer

Too afraid to lose your beauty too soon? Ditch the anti-aging creams at once and get hold of their only secret ingredient, the activated charcoal. This magical dust helps prevent cellular damage to the vital organs as well as support healthy adrenal glands to flush toxins and chemicals out from the body regularly, to minimise the damage. Aging is a natural process and no ingredient (as of what we are aware of) can stop that. However, the toxic load originating from the food and environment which contributes to premature aging can definitely be stopped with the magic from activated charcoal. There’s it is. We’ve let the secret out!

4. Float, Not Bloat

A bloated or a discomforted stomach is nothing less than a nightmare. One of the most powerful and also the most neglected benefit of activated charcoal is its power to alleviate uncomfortable gas and bloating out of the body. If you smell something fishy as we make this claim, check out this research. Activated charcoal works by binding the gas-causing byproducts in foods and absorbs the bacteria in the intestines that could discomfort, if taken in a capsule or a tablet form with water. All the women reading this, charcoal lemonade is your period buddy to get rid of all the bloating complains.


5. Glow With Flow

 Big day up tomorrow and fear everyone’s going to be staring at the zit that’s just surfacing? Skip your hour-long regime and add some activated charcoal along with some mud pack and see the magic happen. It’s one of the best remedies for someone with an acne prone skin. Apply it every night and let the charcoal suck all the dirt right out overnight. Wake up with a blemish-free, clean, smooth skin. With such magical powers, who would not want to glow with the flow?

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