A lot of times, we as humans urge each other to not think with our hearts but to think straight with our brains.

But what about that instinctive feeling we feel in the pit of our stomach? The famous “Gut feeling”, which never lets us down in any situation? Isn’t it high time, that we return the favor?

We’ve got a gut feeling that you will love to take a look at this!

What is gut health?

Gut health refers to the balance & function of the bacteria which lives in our gastrointestinal (GI) /digestive tract. All bacteria aren’t bad. Some bacteria ward off inflammation while others promote it, balancing each other.

The issue occurs when this delicate balance between the bacteria gets skewed. Various factors lead to this imbalance such as irregular sleep schedules, excessive alcohol consumptions, lack of a balanced nutritional diet, stress, non-prescribed antibiotic medication, no exercise, etc.

Why is gut health important?

Our GI/digestive tract is home to trillions of bacteria which not only help process our food but also help with the overall well-being of our body.

Gut health has been linked to obesity, anxiety & depression. 95% of the feel-good hormone Serotonin & 80% of the sleep hormone Melatonin is made in the gut.

The female hormone Estrogen ‘s production can be inhibited or enhanced by the gut bacteria. Our gut has approximately 85 million neurons of its own, which means the gut feeling is a real thing. The gut is often called the Second Brain. Just like our brain health impacts our mood and emotions, gut health plays a big role in our overall mental health.

How do you know if the balance is thrown?

The telltale signs are bloating, diarrhea, stomach pain, gas, nausea. The imbalance generally fixes itself in after a short time, but sometimes can lead to chronic pain & may require medical intervention.

So how do we ensure that this crucial balance is maintained?

While ensuring that you make certain lifestyle changes such as limiting alcohol intake, quitting/reducing smoking, doing routine exercise & establishing a normal sleep schedule, the most important is your diet. Cut back on the junk & give your gut a wholesome balanced diet, especially fiber. Gut bacteria feed on fiber-rich foods. Fiber-rich foods are also waist-friendly, and great on taste.

Read on to get the lowdown on foods for good gut health, it’s time to fight fiber-crime!

It Takes Two To Mango

Ahh, the Aam, every desi’s delight. Luckily for us, Mangoes possess an incredible nutritional profile. Mangoes have been shown to help keep the good bacteria in your gut alive, along with this they help with controlling body fat and blood sugar.

Get your daily fiber fix with a bundle of our Mango Juice. Good gut health is just a sip away. What are you waiting for? Man-Go for it!

Plant-Based Diet

It’s time to plant the seeds for a better tomorrow! Vegetarian sources of fiber are more important than you think. Several studies have shown that vegetarian diets benefit the gut microbiota. This is due to the high fiber content.

Go on, reduce that carbon footprint too with a bundle of our Greens! This blend will get you high on health as it benefits digestion, helps weight loss, purifies blood and much more.

Looks like the leafy greens are key to going lean and clean! The grass is greener on this side.

Berry Special Blueberries

Stuck in a gut? Pop some blueberries for a clear day. Blueberries are tiny, intensely nutritious and are important as they help diversify gut bacteria. Other than this, they strengthen our memory and boost the immune system. High on fiber, anti-oxidants and Vitamin-K, guess that’s another superfood for you. BTW we’ve got the perfect berry smoothie for you. It’s called Life.

Wanna know more about gut health? 

Join us for a free live zoom session with Integrated Nutritionist Pooja Ajwani on 8th August 2020, Saturday, 04:00 PM where she’ll talk about Gut Health, its importance & how it impacts our mental health.

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