Let’s make it a No Sugar November! Ahh, sugar, our biggest weakness. This month, let’s take a break from the sweet treats.

Why do you need this break?

Sugar is fattening, it causes heart disease and it leads to feeling sluggish and moody. So yeah, sugar, it’s over! At Raw Pressery, we specialize in detoxes. What we have, is a 5 day sugar detox for you, complete with rules, tips and a follow up on maintaining a healthier lifestyle. A detox every once in a while, is highly recommended to flush out toxins accumulated over time. So here we go, lettuce celebrate a healthier you!


The Rules

Let’s get grinding! First things first, no added sugars of any kind are allowed. This includes refined sugar, artificial sugar, honey, syrup xylitol, etc. Any of these and it’s a cheat! But for the good news, naturally occurring sugars are allowed. They aren’t refined but these sure are fine! They occur mainly in fruits and veggies. Head over to the Raw Pressery store and experience the wonderful world of naturally occurring sugars. We’ve got some Soup-er Soups and blends to help with your sugar detox, check out our Anti-oxidant bundle. Full of luscious fruits, you will love us berry much for it!


The Tips

Say hello to the Cleanse Crew, the Raw Pressery Light Cleanse.

This Cleanse is for those looking for a break from munching days, regulating their eating patterns, and living a healthier lifestyle. A light cleanse is the ideal way to begin a sugar detox. In this detox, expect withdrawals as sugar is addictive.

Withdrawals can include headaches, weakness and irritability, but this should pass within 3 days. You might feel like giving up, but trust us, no challenge is too grape! Lastly, we recommend that you drink excess water during this 5 day detox. The water will aid in flushing out toxins and reducing any feelings of weakness. We promise this sugar detox will leave you feeling subLIME!


The Follow Up

Pome-Granted, it will be difficult to cut down on sugar in the long run. We recommend switching from refined sugars to only unrefined sugars, which contain nutrients and are better for you than the refined kind. But remember, everything in moderation. Even unrefined sugars can cause weight gain if eaten in excess. Coupled with this, make it a habit to sweat it out regularly at the gym or while playing a sport. Be your own calorie killer and we promise you will live to a ripe old age!

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