How many times have you found yourself shredding at the gym and you find that fire song that goes perfectly for when you do your bicep curls. It’s rare, but that feeling is SICK.

Music and physical exercise go together, there’s no denying it. It’s all about that rhythm that aligns and makes you go harder.

With the radio playing the same songs on repeat and the Internet having too many options, you get confused which jams can fuel your workout.

We have selected a handful of songs to help pump you up, give #inspo and help you reach your #FitnessGoals.

1) Fat Joe, Remy – All the Way Up ft. French Montana
Infrared (Weights) Rap to help with those 15 pounders

2) Justin Timberlake – 
Can’t Stop the Feeling (Zumba) N-SYNC alum drop this song with perfect beats and rhythm for that intense session of busting a move

3) Flume – Never be like you ft. Kai (Yoga)
With the perfect drops and bass, perfect for those difficult positions

4) DJ Snake-Middle ft. Bipolar Sunshine (Run)
The ideal song to keep you moving

5) The Chainsmokers- Don’t Let me Down ft Daya (Pilates)
This uplifting song will help you lift your spirits and keep you going

6) Miguel-Coffee (Yoga)
The best pick me up for when you struggle with the downward dog

7) Jessie J- Aint Been Done (Kickboxing)
This upbeat number with a catchy hook will help you stay focussed

8) Calvin Harris-
This is what you came for ft. Rihanna (Aerobics) You’re going to end up burning twice as many calories because of this peppy song

9) Sia- Cheap Thrills ft. Sean Paul (Dance)
This song, which is currently playing everywhere, is the bomb to burn calories

10) Fifth Harmony-
Work From Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign (Squats) Werk, girl. Drop your booty to the floor with this track.

11) Rihanna– 
Needed Me (Weights) The powerful beats of this song will keep you going

12) Gener8ion- Da Da Ding ft. Gizzle (HIIT)
For a work out that’s full throttle, you need a song to match your pace

13) Kendrick Lamar – Alright (Run)
This lyrical genius drops a beat that’s fire to run to

14) David Guetta- This one’s for you (Cardio)
The Euro 2016 anthem is ideal for when you’re shredding the cross-trainer

If you’re looking to kick ass or do a complete K/O at your workout, jam to these tracks and find yourself more motivated and performing better.

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