Let’s face it, we hate taking the stairs. Why would we when we have the convenience and ease of taking an elevator? It’s simple really, you press a button, a moving room welcomes you, press another button and the room transports you to your destination. It’s almost magical.

But what we don’t realize it taking the elevator makes us lazy and sloth-like. Taking the stairs is not only a healthier option but it also protects the environment (brownie points from Mother Earth are always welcome). The benefits of taking the stairs are many, like speeding up weight loss, stress management, being faster, helps minimizing the risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes, among others. But if you want to make your derriere something that makes others want to climb the stairs, you need to set a good example.


Here’s how it helps: –

1) Heart: Who doesn’t want a healthy heart? Conditioning your heart is extremely important if you are planning a diet for weight loss or simply toning yourself. This involves pumping blood more efficiently, allowing more oxygen to be delivered to muscles and organs. Stick to the stair routine because, while climbing the stairs use of continuous, rhythmic movement of large muscle groups, conditions the heart efficiently. #Yaaas

2) Core: Your core strength improves significantly when you use the stairs instead of the lift – Suck in that tummy when running up. Keeping your upper half from bending and your shoulders away from your ears will help you get that core strength on point.

3) Legs: It goes without saying, but your legs definitely benefit from taking the stairs. Think of the steps you take up the stairs as tiny lunges you take to get to your destination. Your hamstrings and calves all stand to be toned by this easy way to incorporate working out in your daily routine.

4) Gluteus Maximus: Or as we like to call it, your butt. When you extend your hip to climb up those stairs, you will feel your ~glutes ~ getting bigger. So if it’s that #belfie you’re looking to get #onfleek, this is how you’re going to pop, lock and drop it.

5) Quads: Quadriceps or Quads make up the maximum muscle mass of your thighs, which also act as support system for your knees. When you climb up the stairs, this muscle group gets extended and distended resulting in the toning up of your thighs.

If you want to slay those thigh gap pics, rock out in that mini with legs for days, don’t push that button that goes ting and climb your way to a fitter self.

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