When was the last time you returned from the supermarket without something in a box, can, jar or a pack? Processed foods have indeed become an integral part of our hectic lives. Even though we’re aware of all the health-related concerns, what are we really doing to cut it out? Snack aisles, your time is up, because this time, it’s not me, it’s you!

Process This

Oh, this is Frozen/Canned/Packed/Baked! Must be definitely healthy. If you thought microwave and other ready to eat meals were the only processed foods, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Technically, anything that is grown or made elsewhere and is packed before it reaches the consumer, is processed. (No JK here) However, not all processed foods are bad. The idea here is to choose minimally processed food alternatives, such as eggs, cold-pressed juice, greek yogurt instead of the extremely processed companions like Cereal with added sugar, juice from concentrates and so on.

1. Food For Thought

Weird that sometimes you feel light and ready to take over the world and sometimes you feel like a slug who just wants to curl up in a rug? Well, processed foods play a big role here. These bad guys are filled with sugar, sodium, and ingredients that are complex to pronounce, let alone understand. These are likely to cause bloating, puffiness and make your gut weak. On the other hand, when you replace all the processed indulgence with wholesome and real food, your essential nutrient intake is taken care of, especially with all the fibre. Result? You feel full for longer, and experience a Natural Detox. Don’t believe us? Here’s everything that happened after a 7-day gut cleanse diet.

2. Weight And Watch

We’re not here to give you any false hopes, but merely giving up on processed foods isn’t going to help you lose weight, at least in a short span. (Wait, don’t shut the tab yet) What it’ll surely do is help keep a check on your weight. How? You will gradually develop the habit of checking the nutritional label on all products you purchase and develop a better understanding of what and how much you’re consuming. Oh, did we mention you won’t feel hungry frequently? Afterall, the feeling of being satiated and staying away from those deliciously sinful spicy fried pack of chips or chocolate chip cookies will save you a lot of pounds! Start thinking outside the box!

3. Feel Skin-tastic

Got a big night coming up? This could be because you are friends with the wrong guys here. Clearer skin is one of the major benefits of giving up processed foods, owing to the antioxidant and fibre rich veggies. A complete no-no to all the preservatives, added sugars and other artificial ingredients ensure a complete no-no to excess oil production as well as breakouts. So now, you do not need to wake-up to make-up!

4. Energy Monster

On any day, you’re either super energetic or super sluggish. Blame the Monday blues as much as you want, but the real culprit here is the ready-to-eat 5 minute meal you just had.. How you ask? A lot of energy is consumed to break down the complex nutrients in the processed foods. On the other hand, nutrients from the unprocessed foods can be easily absorbed, saving up on a LOT of energy. And to add to that, it keeps you away from alternating between the energy spikes and sluggishness, like an oscillating pendulum of bad choices.

5. Up Your Immuni-tea

Once you’ve stocked up on all the unprocessed foods (replacing all the processed foods), you’ve also stocked up on the most natural way of getting more antioxidants, vitamins, fibre, nutrients, from all the prebiotics and probiotics. Long-term result? A stronger immune system. So, get ready to kale it

Wanna know a secret to healthy living? It’s all about the balance between exercise and diet.

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