During that time of the month, a lot of us tend to feel crampy crappy, fatigued and bloated. Due to this a lot of us find it hard to stick to our normal fitness routines and intense diets. Every woman needs to understand that skipping out on exercise completely isn’t going to help. Instead switching high intensity with something less intense can actually help alleviate PMS symptoms.

1) Brisk Walk :
Heading out on your lunch break from work for a 20-30 minute walk or before dinner would do you good. Also, this light form of cardio is sufficient enough to get your muscles moving and can be a great relief if you’re suffering from cramps.

2) Strength Training :
This may sound odd, but working on your abs can actually give you relief and is a helpful tip to werk those abs. The relaxing ‘Scissor Abs’ move will target your lower abs as well as loosen tight hips and hamstrings.

3) Gentle Yoga and Stretching :
The slow and steady poses in yoga that require you to hold are perfect for when Aunty Flo visits. Yoga focuses on pulling your energy inwards and no matter how drained you are, you can always motivate yourself to do some stretching. Avoid headstands if possible to limit reverse flow.

Here are some yoga poses recommended for relief:


4) Iron(FE) is essential :
Methi seeds commonly known as fenugreek or a bowlful of spinach – boiled/steamed is a must-eat for those who also suffer from anemia. This basically balances out the lack of iron in the body, restores your natural balance.

It’s easy to sit around and pity yourself and pop pills like tic tacs, but real survivors are those who can get up and do something about that ravaging pain.

And always remember:

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