Aunt Flo rolls once, every month and leaves us in agony. You could be anywhere from sad for no reason to mad for no reason. Luckily, Aunt Flo has gone (at least for the month), but there’s bloating, water retention and not to forget the loss of micronutrients. With the internet (including us) filled with juice recipes to have before and during periods, here are some that can be handy post your periods.

Berry Sherry

3 Juices You Should Drink During Periods

  1. Berry Juice
  2. Watermelon Juice
  3. Aloe Vera Juice

1. The Berry Sherry

Low on the glycemic index, berries can really help you to bounce back and. The antioxidant-rich berry sherry helps you flush out all the excess fluid, and improve blood circulation. It doesn’t matter what berry it is, they’re all berry helpful.

The Berry Sherry Ingredients: 

1 cup of Berries
1 cup Pineapple juice
1 teaspoon Lemon juice

How to Prepare the Berry Juice?

Take the first portion of berries, add a little pineapple juice and mix it in a blender. Keep adding a consistent portion of berries and pineapple juice until it forms a smooth texture. Finally, add lemon juice as per your liking. Serve it with sliced lemon and a few berries on the top.

Thinking of how awesome this write-up would have been if you’d have got all the goodness without stepping in the kitchen? There you go . Aren’t we awesome?

Aloe V-era

2. The Aloe V-era

Aloe Vera, the wonder plant. Has been used since ancient times – whether it was Cleopatra adding it to her beauty regime or Madonna drinking it to keep herself cool and sexy! Here’s a quick mix-up to get you going with all its goodness.

The Aloe Vera Era Ingredients:

1 tablespoon Honey
1 bottle Aloe Lemonade
½ cup Lemon juice

How to Prepare Aloevera Juice?

Add 3 tablespoon lemon juice in a jug. Then add the aloe juice to the mixture and stir well. Alternatively, you can also use our Aloe Lemonade. To give it a little sweetness, add the honey to the mixture. Garnish the juice with a few mint leaves for an appealing look.


3. What-A-Melon

Want-A-MELON?! Watermelon is practically 92% water, and ironically that is what helps push out the extra water out of your body. Add some cucumber to it and you have a secret weapon against bloating. So, go ahead and de-bloat with this yummy concoction of naturally sweet, no spice and definitely all things nice!

What-A-Melon Ingredients:

1 cup Watermelon
250 ml RAW Pressery’s Watermelon Juice
1 large Cucumber
1 big Lime

How to Prepare Watermelon Juice:

Cut the cucumber into small pieces. Add one bottle of Love Juice into a blender and slowly keep adding the pieces, until you get the desired consistency. Pour it into a glass and add lime to the mixture. Stir your way to a healthy, all natural de-bloating recipe.

Your body is a complex machine, which sometimes needs external help to function. Read about why Your Body Needs Some Lemon(Aid).

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