Slacking off and feeling sloppy? Have you been lulled into a sense of dull? Let’s hit the gym and break out of this rut! Raw Pressery is here with the latest work-out routine. Let’s take a few hits and get fit. Here’s a short, how to get fit 15-minute fitness routine that promises to be rewarding. Little heads up, if you snooze, you lose.


Running Out of Excuses?

Before you hit the hay, set an alarm to start the day right with a morning workout, it promises an extra spring in your step. There’s no need to go overboard and risk injury. First off, how about we burn off last night’s sinful dark chocolate or that mid-evening packet of chips? A quick morning jog twice a week will take care of that heart. Remember, your sweat is just the fat crying, so what are you waiting for? Run like you stole something!

Can’t Weight To Get Fit

Start simple with some of the best core exercises. A strong core always comes to the fore. Substance over style wins the day, and it promises to burn that pushy layer of fat. Push up – Plank – Jump. This combo is known as the Burpee, a surefire way to build your abs and hamstrings. Do 2 sets, 15 reps each, twice a week. We suggest a little extra something every morning in the form of Morning Glory. This handy pack is designed to get your beast mode ON for the morning exercise! Triple the hit to triple the gains! You need a strong core, nothing more!


Here To Hustle

You can run, you can jump, but whose got your back? That’s right, you’ve got to have backups! A strong back leaves you feeling far more comfortable, and capable throughout the day. Most importantly, it greatly reduces the risk of a serious injury!

The ‘Superman’ is a one of the best exercises for the back. Lie flat on your stomach, and raise your legs, arms, and chest, then hold for 3 seconds. 2 sets of 15 await you! Nobody said this was going to be easy, ‘cause gains come to those who train. Do this routine 4 times a week and, you can still accomplish that impossible New Year’s resolution! Time to get fiery AF.

Let’s look good and feel good, here are some Active Wear Ideas That Make You Look Good While You Sweat It Out!

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