The gym is a love-hate kinda thing isn’t it? With the right gym gear you can set yourself on the highway to health. Amp up on the best gear and accessories to hit the road running as you hustle for muscle. It’s never simple getting up early to flex those muscles, and neither is it easy to do it post-work. But with the latest gear we that have in mind, you will be in the zone in no time! Designed to optimize your work out and give you that extra boost, your muscles will be at your mercy. Let the gains begin.

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1. Fits Like A Glove

First on the list of gym essentials, you need gloves. Yes, you might feel comfortable with using your hands, but gloves protect against bacteria, abrasion, and calluses. They provide traction and work to support the wrists and palms. Do not compromise when it comes to buying the right gym gloves. Find a pair that fit your hands well and isn’t too bulky. The right pair depends on your work out, a work out with heavy weights will require an added level of cushioning, and vice versa.


2. Tune In To Tune Out

Get groovy as you hit the weights. We recommend a pair of wireless, Bluetooth and, sweatproof earphones. Find a pair equipped with wingtips for a firm grip in the ear. These are great to avoid pesky wires coming in the way of your bicep curls. Find a versatile pair of wingtip earphones for a one of a kind fit. Change the game and get waterproof earphones to help you burn those carbs in the swimming pool too!


3. Tanks A Lot

We’ve all walked past the sweaty, smelly guy who just finished his work out. Let’s not be that guy, shall we? Get yourself some dri-fit tees to wick away that sweat. Maybe training tanks for cardio days, after all, sun’s out means guns out! The tees will cool your skin as you work up a sweat. In the Indian climate, a dri-fit is a must! Seems like love is in the air. Nope, it’s just sweat!


4. No Shoes, You Lose

Get the right pair of shoes for the gym and cardio. We suggest buying a pair that provide adequate cushioning and support. Go for foam technology for a soft landing with each stride. An old, worn out pair can result in corns and warts, so get a clean and comfy pair!


5. Drink Your Pains Away

Some people use supplements such as whey protein or mass gainer to boost the results of their work out. We recommend using fluids before and/or after your work out. If you’re looking for early morning pre-work out boosters, our Morning Glory  bundle will do just the trick! Working out is one of the keys to a healthier lifestyle. So what are you waiting for? Enough puns, it’s time to work them into guns!
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