The last diet we tried was to go on an all-almond diet, but it drove us all nuts! We got so tensed about it, that we had to find a new diet to keep our hypertension in check. And that’s exactly how we stumbled upon DASH. Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension or DASH is a diet, we feel, is tailor made for Indians. A large population in India suffers from hypertension, cardiac diseases, cholesterol as well as diabetes and this is exactly what DASH helps to curb. If we were you, we’d put our cash just on DASH!

All In Vein, Or Not

If your blood pressure levels resemble the sales chart of a startup, you’re at the right place. DASH diet’s key function is to keep your blood pressure in check. Consuming foodstuff that are rich in minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium along with others can have great control over your blood pressure. Further, this diet also outlines a strict limitation on the consumption of salt as well as sodium to regulate blood pressure and fluid retention. So if you’re with us in this, let’s shake on it?


Kiwi To A Healthy Heart

Unlike other nutrients, we usually have an excess of sodium intake in our meals on daily basis. A well balanced sodium intake not only helps keeps hypertension and blood pressure in check, but can cover you against a host of other fatal cardiovascular diseases and help you achieve a healthy heart. What’s More? Owing to the controlled cholesterol levels and a healthy heart, DASH has proven to be further helpful in managing diabetes as well as keeping cancer away. Hope this makes you feel a little less crabby.

Weight A Second

Although DASH diet isn’t aimed at losing weight, increased consumption of healthy fibre in form of vegetables and fruits certainly does help reduce your waist circumference. Just like any other healthy eating plan, DASH Diet too helps in reduction of calorie consumption by offering highly nutritious alternatives that keep you full for longer. From the soups to those green juices, it all adds up to kale all the bad.

More The Merrier

If you’re just eating normally (read: healthy) does it even count as a switch? However, the new diet eventually leads to increased calorie intake from healthier proteins rather than carbohydrates. The extra intake of the calcium and the potassium from the increased proteins helps in delaying the onset of weak bone diseases such as Osteoporosis, adding DASH Diet as an effective alternative for those looking to improve bone health.

Go Fig Or Go Home

Impressed by the Dashing looks of the diet? It’s time to try it. DASH Diet offers two plans – the DASH Diet and Low sodium DASH diet. With the first one, you are allowed 2300 milligrams of sodium per day, however the latter limits the intake to 1500 milligrams. It is one of the very few diets to not cut down on any food, except for sodium, fats, sugar-based drinks and red meat. You could start with the first phase of the DASH Diet and then gradually move on to the Low Sodium one, to reap maximum benefits. Had you ever thought reducing sodium could help you become so-damn fine?

Staying healthy isn’t that difficult. After all, It’s All About The Balance – Exercise v/s Diet

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