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Coffee Naps Are Actually A Thing. We Kid You Not

Regret staying up late last night binge watching your favourite show on Netflix? We all have been there. We’ve tried gulping down the magical caffeine potion and even tried taking power naps to get through the day. Taking a nap or drinking a cup of coffee does not help as much as doing both, together. We’ve all heard about power naps but have you ever heard of coffee naps? That’s right. The word ‘caffeine’ and naps usually don’t go together but you’ll be surprised at how a coffee nap can give you the jolt of energy you’d need.

Read on to know how a coffee nap can make your day brew-tiful!
1. Coffee Naps FTW
Coffee Naps

It is pretty straightforward – it means having a cup of coffee and taking a nap for twenty minutes. Sounds crazy considering most people believe that caffeine interferes with sleep. What most people don’t realise is that it takes at least 20 minutes for the caffeine to set in.

2. Brew It Right

Brew It Right

Naps are great for regaining focus and to fight signs of fatigue. It relaxes the body and mind. When it comes to coffee naps, make sure you do it right. It is important to fall asleep for not more than 20 minutes, which is about as long as the caffeine would take to kick in. The trick here is to get the timing right, before the grogginess sets in. Here’s how you can master it.

3. Powered By Science

Powered by Science

If you aren’t a morning person, coffee naps and you are definitely meant to be(an) together. It is almost as if the magical combination of coffee and napping has the ability to transform you. Yes, it is backed by science. There is a molecule in your brain called adenosine that makes you feel drowsy. The sleep and coffee both work together to keep out the bad guys: adenosine, making you feel refreshed. The reason it works is that the caffeine sets in just as you’re waking up giving you a boost of energy as well as a reinvigorated feeling making you feel fresh as a daisy!

4. Nap or Snap

Nap or Snap

Let us break it to you: yes, you can be a morning person too! Instead of feeling groggy and snoozing the alarm (for another 3 times) you can incorporate the coffee nap in the mornings too. Wake up to have a quick shot of coffee and go to sleep for 20 minutes. You’ll wake up feeling fresh AF.

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