We’ve got a gut feeling that you will love to take a look at this! Most people urge us not to think with our hearts, while the rest probe us to think straight with our brain. Well, now let’s think with our gut! The instinctive feeling never lets us down in a situation and we think it’s time we return the favour.

Let’s treat our gut with respect and love so it never turns on us. Giulia Enders in her new book titled “Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Under-Rated Organ” shows us how.

To do our bit for this neglected yet humble organ, we bring to you an all new cleanse dedicated to pleasing your #GUTFEELING, RAW Fiber Cleanse. Give your gut a VIP treatment with our specially curated bundle which comes with 2 juices, 2 soups, 2 smoothies and an Aloe Booster to give it the fibre intake it needs.

Apart from some TLC, give your body some TFC, this will power up your sluggish metabolism and kick all the bad out (literally). For all of you who want to try but are wondering why, we’ve got a limited period offer which includes the International Bestseller by Giulia Enders – Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ. The first few buying The Fiber Cleanse will get their hands on this.


7:00 AM

Aloe Lemonade: Well begun is half done, right? So, start your day with this naturally sweetened concoction loaded with the goodness of aloe, lemon and ginger for a fiber-rich morning.

9:00 AM

Trim: A cold pressed collection of fiber-rich veggies like kale, doodhi, spinach & celery along with juicy green apples served with a lemony-gingery twist to boost your metabolism like magic.

11:30 AM

Life: A berry rich juice loaded with skin rejuvenating properties of blueberries and strawberries along with the tropical tastes of pineapple and banana.

2:30 PM

Tomato Soup: All the work might have got you hungry. Just sip on some tomato fun tossed with lentils, onions, capsicum and celery for a soup-er lunch.

4:30 PM

Shield: Pump up the immunity with tangy tangerines and carrots served with a touch of ginger. Down with a bottle to keep your gut full of fiber and away from infections.

7:00 PM

Mixed Veggie Soup: Don’t give in to your evening food cravings. Enjoy a healthy and spicy blend of doodhi, spinach and spring onions. Heat and eat or just drink!

9:30 PM

Light: With the magical charms of the Matcha pressed with kale, apple, coconut water, guava, kale, mint & lemon; this juice is the most delicious anti-aging solution.

Now that’s what we call keeping your gut happy. Get your RAW FIBER CLEANSEnow and juice your way to a healthy gut.

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