A few months back, the entire world was functioning in a whole different format, with all of us going about our days with a set routine, living life as controlled by these best laid plans. Then one fine day, the world came to a standstill & all our routines went out the window!

At the start, this break from routine was first like a breath of fresh air. We all welcomed the prospect of working from the comfort of our homes for a few days, soon it became our new routine, the so-called our new normal. Gone are the days where we had to fight the crowd to reach the office & back. The struggle now is to stay productive, as work must go on.

So here are a few hacks that will help you keep the new routines in line & ensure you stay creative.

1. Stay Active, Move More!

While we are cooped up at home stuck to our devices, we need to ensure that we also have some physical activity in our routine! So grab that skipping rope, do those jumping jacks, take a small walk in the vicinity, ditch the elevators for the stairs.

Give your Fitbit those extra 500 steps! Walk while taking those work calls. Don’t let staying indoors get in the way of exercise. From work productivity to a good mood to fitful sleep & for keeping that extra dessert helping off, exercise is a high payoff pursuit. Move that body for at least 20 minutes a day!

One of our favorite apps for simple & easy workouts, curated for everyone is Curefit

2. All Stretch, No Stress!

Get a comfortable work station going. It’s crucial to get a good chair & table set up for long hours at calls or your laptop.

In your work area, add in a Pilates ball. Sitting stressed over the laptop for hours may cause muscle stiffness & hurt. Periodic stretching will help prevent it. It will not only serve as your workout buddy, but you can bounce your way through work (literally)!

Make sure you use correct posture & give your body periodic breaks from sitting to avoid muscle cramps.

You can read more about the ball here.

3. Inhale, Exhale

Take at least 10 minutes out of your daily calls & schedule to just relax & do some deep breathing.

It will help calm your senses, relieve pain, decrease stress & tension, increase energy, and lower your blood pressure. Try some of these in the middle of the workday to feel refreshed all over again.

Here is an app with some great 10-minute breathing & meditation exercises.

4. Say a Positive Daily Affirmation for a week

While it may seem bizarre in the time of a global pandemic, but humans are social animals & being deprived of socializing for such a long period can affect anyone’s psyche. Staying happy, positive & hopeful in such times is how we eventually overcome this situation.

So decide on a positive affirmation & say it daily to yourself for a week. Repeat this with a new affirmation every week!

You can find some great positive affirmations here

5. Write a Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is for writing things you are grateful for. It helps you keep track of all the good things in life. Every day, write down 3 things that you feel grateful about & maintain this journal religiously. Gratitude helps you feel more positive & is associated with greater happiness.

Here is a simple app that can help you get started.

6. Detox your closet

Play some music, grab two large bags & give your wardrobe the long-overdue detox it requires. Identify 10 clothes/shoes/accessories that you don’t need any longer, pack them up in the bags & discard them or give them to goodwill. Clutter can cause anxiety and is associated with increased levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

So, clear up the wardrobe chi & see the difference you feel after the closet detox.

Here is a longer list of what to do’s.

7. Ditch the fizz

Feel a dip in your energy levels & need a refresher? Ditch the sugary fizzy drinks with a portion of fresh fruits & juices! Not only do they taste better but are also extremely healthy & provide you with the required nutrition. Not to forget, they help replenish much-needed vitamins + minerals and help build immunity.

Catch some great options here.

While we understand that times are tricky for all, we all need to find the good in the bad & make it count. We hope these activities will help you do that & keep stress at bay! 

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