Just like many others, January came with resolutions for me too. Resolution of eating healthy and treating my body to the best. A week of January and I was put off my gut cleanse diet and was back at eating anything and everything that came my way. All of it continued guilt-free until 12th February, when the ‘4 Ways To Practice Self Love’ blog went up and I was reading it. It went of in my head as a reminder, to what was I doing to myself. And whatever happened to the so-called resolution.

That was it! Planning for shorter, achievable goals, I decided to go on a 21-day Gut Cleanse Diet. It was a simple process – Cut down of heavily processed foods to neutralize the bacteria in my gut, and increase the intake of the fiber that builds good bacteria, healing the gut and boosting immunity.

What’s more? The Gut Cleanse Diet also helps you achieve a well-regulated colon, greater metabolism, detoxification of the body and healthier skin. So – I went ahead and followed my #Gutfeeling.

So, How It’s Going?

At the time of writing, it’s the 9th day today and the ‘healthy eating’ is going strong. All the dairy, gluten, cornstarch, sugar, trans fats, potato, and alcohol have been replaced by lean meats like chicken and fish and all shades of green veggies (Spinach, cucumber, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, kale, lettuce) + fresh fruits along with some nuts to keep me going throughout the day.

You could also go clean and reduce (if not stop completely) everything that’s on my banned list. The microbiome diet is not only amazing at healing your gut but also seals in all the goodness. You’d start feeling the difference within a couple of days itself.

Gut Cleanse Diet Plan Outline

First things first. Mornings start with a glass of warm water with lemon, and a cup of matcha tea. For breakfast, it’s usually protein heavy eats, combined with all natural, unsweetened juice or a smoothie. Detoxification isn’t difficult if adequate proteins are supplied to the body that takes care of building tissues and enzymes for a healthier gut.

Lunch consists of a nourishing salad and a bowl of healthy vegetable soup. Dinner was usually the lightest meal with a cup of spinach, broccoli, sprouts or bananas, berries and an apple. Snacking during the day mostly included a cup of fruits or treating myself to a mix fruit smoothie. On busy days when I couldn’t carry food along, the juices, soups, and smoothies from the fiber cleanse helped me get through my day.

But Why 21 Days?

Would you know how long does it take to build a habit? Bang on, it’s 21! The intensity of the cleanse is something that you decide, depending on your eating habits. You could do a 3-day cleanse and repeat it every 15 days, you could go with a day’s cleanse every week or do a 21-day intense gut cleanse and then gradually shift to healthier eating each day. Cleansing days at regular intervals can ensure the continuous heal and seal process. So, tell us what is your #GutFeeling?

The magic behind a healthy gut is the Fibre in your food. Read on to know more about it.

Disclosure: The writer is part of RAW Pressery and works with the web team.

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