Although we try our hardest to get that sweat session in at the gym or studio, sometimes, your bed is your strongest kryptonite.

Sticking to a routine, comes easy after some time- you get the to the gym, go to work and then hang with the crew. But sometimes, the monotony gets to us and we just don’t find the motivation to get through the daily grind.

Those days where your body aches for your bed, you need something easy lazy because let’s face it, a girl’s got to stay fit. These “non- workout WORK-outs” will give you a break from the same old- same old.

1. Infrared Sauna:

Named a trend that’s here to stay, infrared sauna involves laying in a sauna bed or infrared room, where the non-toxic infrared rays help your body release toxins and sweat out the calories. They’re also a pore-opener for your skin, because they detoxify the body from inside out. We recommend a green juice blend before and an ice cold shower after you’re done with your sesh.

2. Power Plates:

When you’re looking to get more out of your workout, while doing the same routine, shake it up (pun intended) with some shake plates or power plates. The high frequency vibration challenges your muscles, so while you’re doing your regular workout you can get a little more out of it. Try Talwarkar’s or Yasmin Karachiwala’s Body Image, to shake shake shake it off.

3. Trampoline:

Sounds like something any adult would literally jump at doing? Shockingly, trampoline-ing has a lot of advantages, including being a great cardio workout. You can jump around, and add variations, to get the most out of your session. Squeeze in an hour of jumping at Smaash’s trampoline park or pick up your own mini trampoline to get you to jump around after a hard day’s work.

4. Resistance Bands:

While you’re on that long con-call with your client or getting through a tedious meeting at work, you can easily be burning those cals, with some of these high impact moves.Resistance bands are easy to store and useful as hell, when you’re stuck at your desk for the night. But don’t limit yourself there, you can even do these exercises at home while you #NetflixAndChill.

5. Ball Chair:

Swap out your desk chair with a ball chair, and voilà, half your battle is won there. Your core, legs and back muscles will thank you later for making this small adjustment in your décor. Plus, isn’t bouncing around generally just wayyy more fun?

Don’t stress you when you can’t hit the gym, try these tricks when you’re feeling demotivated and watch how you still stay on top of the #midweekblues.

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